A man caught posting flagrantly bullshit Holocaust-denying material to a University of Sydney noticeboard was run off campus by activists yesterday.
Footage of the man, posted to the Fascist Free USyd Facebook page, shows him sticking up pamphlets claiming “the official version” of the Holocaust is “demonstrably false.” 
The pamphlets also disputed the veracity of recent film Denial, which recounts a court battle between a well-known Holocaust denier and a historian.
When asked “do you not believe that six million Jewish people were actually exterminated by the Nazis,” the man responded “I think the problem with you is that you just believe the TV and the cinema.”
The man was subsequently followed off campus by students, who sung “fuck off Nazi, fuck off” in the process.


The incident was reported to campus security, who removed the offending material. 

In response to the incident, the Australian Union of Jewish Students issued a statement affirming that “now is a time to raise awareness and ensure the memories of 6 million Jewish and other victims at the hands of the Nazi regime will never be forgotten so humanity can never let this happen again.

“For their memories to be denied is a deep insult on the dignity of Jewish students on campus.”

This is the latest in a recent rash of goddamn mind-boggling Holocaust-denying incidents at Aussie universities, with similar materials discovered at Australian National University last week.

Source: Pulp / University of Sydney Union. 
Photo: Fascist Free USyd.