On paper, American political commentator / provocateur Ann Coulter and our own Andrew Bolt are pretty bloody similar. Both are rusted-on right-wing ideologues, both get their kicks from sticking the boot into them fragile lefties, and both command enormous audiences.

Her appearance on The Bolt Report tonight did confirm one difference, though. Only one of them would call Khizr Khan, the Muslim man whose impassioned and personal take-down of Donald Trump made international headlines, a “snarling Muslim” on Australian television.

And it wasn’t Bolt.

Not only did that lil’ exchange serve as a helpful comparison of how extreme our media personalities are, it demonstrated a baffling disconnect even Bolt hasn’t yet mustered. Trump went after the Khans – whose son died in battle for the United States – in a patently indefensible manner, but peeps like Coulter still cling on.

Even then, her argument that people only paid attention to Khan’s stance against Trump due to ~feels~ falls flat when you realise Khan was invoking the US Constitution itself.

In fact, so powerful is Coulter’s attachment to Trump, she’s even busted public promises in his favour. She announced the only thing that could break her support for the Republican presidential nominee is a loosening of his immigration stance. Not long after, he appeared to do just that. 

Her initial reaction:

But here we are. A matter of days later, and she’s defending him on international telly, swinging at the family of a dead American soldier, and somehow temporarily making Andrew Bolt reasonable by comparison.

What a world.

Source and photo: The Bolt Report / Twitter.