WATCH: Turnbull’s Trump-Filled Week Lands The ‘Apocalypse Now’ Treatment

Not very many weeks in politics warrant comparisons to one of the most psychologically draining films of all time, but look, getting repeatedly rinsed by U.S. President Donald Trump doesn’t happen too often, either. 

Courtesy of AV wizard Huw Parkinson and the crew at ABC’s Insiders, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s utterly regrettable week has landed a complete Apocalypse Now mash-up.

Focussing on that ill-fated call with the American prez, the clip pretty handling embeds the unthinkable trudge of working against Trump’s bombastic, anti-diplomatic BS in Francis Ford Coppola’s epic. 
You’ve got to love the smell of napalm in the morning:

Source: ABC News / YouTube.