WATCH: Trump’s Lawyer Pulls Olympic-Level Backflip On Russia Investigation

A member of US President Donald Trump’s legal team has just executed a backflip so insanely rapid that we have legitimate concerns for his spine.

Jay Sekulow appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss the mounting pressure placed on Trump by the special counsel investigation, which is investigating potential links between Trump’s camp and Russia. 
Host Chris Wallace fielded Sekulow a question relating to the aftermath of Trump firing former FBI director James Comey; ICYMI, Comey was leading a separate FBI investigation into Trump’s team when the POTUS booted him. 
At the time, Trump’s camp said the firing was spurred by the apparent recommendations of deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, but Trump himself used a TV interview to say he was going to fire Comey before even receiving that recommendation from Rosenstein. That’s shady as hell.
Cut to a couple of days ago, when Trump posted a tweet with two very interesting take-aways. 
The first is that he’s mad Rosenstein, who acts as the de facto head of the special counsel due to his role as deputy attorney general, seemed to be acting hypocritically by giving the new investigation the go-ahead; the second is that he’s now personally under investigation for potential ties to Russia. 

That’s what Wallace prodded Sekulow about, and then he gave up the facts: yes, President Donald Trump is now personally under investigation regarding alleged ties to the Russian camp. Not just his staff. Not just his aides. Trump himself.

Wallace capitalised on the admission, echoing Sekulow’s words. Then, in an about-face so chaotic we’re surprised his head didn’t fall straight off, Sekulow denied that Trump was under investigation. 

Any time someone says “let me be crystal clear,” you can bet they’re trying to undo an accidental truth. Good job, Sekulow.

Source: The Guardian / Business Insider.
Photo: Fox News.