WATCH: Trump Supporter Launches Fucked Rant At Muslim Uber Driver In NYC

A New York man has been captured on video abusing another motorist at a stop light, accusing the man of being an “Arab”, and a “terrorist” and telling him that Donald Trump is going to deport him.

“Fucking Arab motherfucker! Terrorist fucking cock-sucker!” he says. “I don’t care, bro, videotape me! You’re a loser! You’re not even from here, you motherfucker!”

“Trump is president, asshole, so you can kiss your fucking visa goodbye, scumbag! He’ll deport you soon, don’t worry, you fucking terrorist!” the man before driving off.
The video has since gone viral on Facebook, with 5.3 million views and 64,000 shares. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has released a statement condemning the recent uptick of incidents of harassment and racial abuse against Muslims, saying they are “against everything New York stands for.”

The video was shown by the Uber driver, whose name is Mohammed, to passenger Chris Cody, an adjunct professor at St. Johns University“I could tell he was upset,” Cody said. “He didn’t tell me exactly why he decided to take a video. I think he was just so shocked by what happened.”

He then shared the video with his friend Karim Metwaly, a YouTube actor.

“There’s definitely some Islamophobic and anti-Muslim sentiment out there right now,” Cody continued. “I don’t blame him for being intimidated, especially with the stuff coming out of that guy’s mouth.”

Source: Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.