WATCH: Truck Hangs Off A Bridge In China, Is Clearly Final Destination IRL

This is some real Final Destination type shit, you guys.

Just in case you were searching for a little more fuel for your nightmares, we now have this absolute raging bullshit to deal with.
A car carrier in China has, for whatever reason, spun off the road in the absolute worst place imaginable: A fuck-off high bridge.
The truck, which had a driver and passenger in the cab, was towing a trailer-load of cars when it decided to go full skitz, reportedly losing control and veering across the road into the side barrier. The cab of the truck wound up dangling precariously over the edge of the bridge.
The bridge, which is a casual 150-odd metres off the ground.

If you can believe it, both the driver and the passenger somehow managed to escape the cab of the truck to safety.
How they managed to do that is anyone’s guess, but a smart betting man would assume that at least one of them clearly had to be this guy:
No other explanation makes any sense.

Source: The Today Show/Twitter.