WATCH: Trailer For ‘Rage’, Starring Nicolas Cage As Nicolas Cage

Finally, FINALLY the world is being given what it’s been longing for for so long: A canvas for Nic Cage to simply be Nic Cage, and embrace all the special Cage-ness that he has within him.

From what we can gather from the trailer above, Rage centres around Nic Cage, who is an ex-something. When the somethings from his past break into his house and steal his daughter, he must remember the skills he’d gotten from being a something and re-enter the world of the somethings in order to get his daughter back. Also Danny Glover is the President or a General or whatever.
You might look at this on paper and be disappointed because it seems like it’s more or less Taken but with Nic Cage.
But sit back and look at that sentence properly.
Taken with Nic Cage? Fuck yes.

And just to brighten your Friday up a little further (and because any old excuse will do) let’s all revisit and enjoy the classic super cut of Nic Cage completely losing his shit. Truly, he is a once-in-a-generation talent.