WATCH: Townsville Man Bested By Cash Register In Botched Robbery Attempt

If you just go by movies made about crime capers and bank robberies, it would be easy to get the impression that a lot of robberies are planned far in advance, with every possible thing that could go wrong thought about and planned for.

In actuality, a lot of criminal activity is spontaneous, and incredibly stupid. And sometimes, when it doesn’t go as planned for the crime-doer, it is funny as fuck. Especially when nobody else is involved in the attempt.

Take for example this footage released of a robbery attempt in Townsville. A man enters a shop with a vague plan. He waits until nobody is behind the counter, runs straight for the cash register and tries to open it. When that fails, he grabs the cash register and tries to run off with it.

I don’t want to spoil what happens next, but let’s just say it is a series of misfortunes for him, and a series of laughs for us. Check it out below.

My fave part is when he tried to run off with the register, forgetting about the existence of power cords. Or maybe the part where he continues trying to pull on it, and it causes him to fall over.

In any case, he achieved his mission of taking the cash register. Except there is just one more thing, turns out the cash register was completely empty the whole time and all he got was wounded pride, and a cash register that no longer works because he cut the cords on it.

Crime doesn’t pay. Except sometimes in LOLs.