WATCH: Tony Abbott Cops The Eminem Mashup He Should’ve Gotten Years Ago

The problem with banishing someone to the backbench of Parliament is that you no longer have them on the short leash necessary to impel them to keep their big mouth shut. The Labor party found that out with the great and unending Kevin Rudd sooking, and the Coalition are quickly discovering the same thing thanks to Tony Abbott‘s Hall of Fame-candidate whinge.
Abbott, who never once saw a live microphone he didn’t immediately fall head-over-heels in love with, has been ramping up his public visibility yet again in the wake of more negative opinion polls being directed towards Prime Minister/Knife-Wielder Malcolm Turnbull.
Like a cork in the ocean, Abbott tends to pop back up once every so often the make sideways comments that carry the barest, faintest whiff of lingering leadership ambitions.
And because every time he arrives back in the public political conscious it’s a case of “Guess who’s back/back again,” the obvious and possibly inevitable has occurred and we now have this quietly pretty clever mashup, wherein Abbott steps into the shoes of the political Slim Shady he was born to be in this mashup of Auspol and Eminem‘s 2002 barnburner ‘Without Me.’
It takes a little while to get going, but the “they tried to shut me up on ABC” line is so good it’s a marvel that it wasn’t leapt on immediately after he uttered it.
Brace yourselves for a real left-turn once Turnbull gets involved. Spit take fodder.

The video, the handiwork of YouTuber Ace Alderman, only went up a few short hours ago. So pop this one into your back pocket to fire at co-workers trudging back in slowly after the Easter break.
The break room won’t know what hit it.

Source: YouTube.