It might seem like Australia has a monopoly on horrifying animals doing crazy shit, and it’s easy to see why – we’ve got snakes on trainsspiders fighting snakessnakes fighting crocs and snakes so big they’ve been mistaken for crocs – but, occasionally, some countries will try and steal our thunder. 

While we might be the primary exporter of videos of reptiles being extreme weirdos on tape, there are indeed snakes on other continents and they enjoy fucking shit up on camera as much as our snakes do.

Take, for instance, this snake (which I shall refer to as ‘Snake A‘ or Scales McSpew) regurgitating another whole, living snake (which I shall refer to as ‘Snake B‘ or Lucky McBastard) to the astonishment of an American gentleman who kindly filmed what I’m sure was a horrible ordeal for both snakes.

The video depicts Scales McSpew apparently having some sincere regrets about his dinner choice (namely, Lucky McBastard) before Lucky McBastard, now freed, slithers off back to his family, presumably effusively thanking whatever god snakes pray to.

The bloke who took the video reckons that McSpew was only rejecting his dinner out of fear, and offered a heartfelt apology to him (although I’m sure McBastard was probably pretty thankful):

“I was on my way home from my mothers when I saw this snake as I drove past. I reversed to I could take some photographs. After I realized the snake had prey hanging out of its mouth my wife suggested I take some video. 

“I realize that I was the reason the snake did this, due to feeling threatened. Sorry dude.”

I wish both McSpew and McBastard only the best in life from here on out. Check out the snake on snake action below:

Source and photo: LiveLeak.