The ocean. It’s full of horrors, including but not limited to: giant squid, preternaturally smart octopus, sharks that want to eat you, sharks that are destined to end up humped by nude men, balls of needles, asshole dolphins, angry bags, and whatever the hell this thing is:

WATCH: This Revolting Video Of A Digging Clam Is Proof That Nature Is Bad

Now to add to the unspeakable list of nightmares from The Deep, we’ve got this fucking video of a god damn razor clam digging its way into the mud. 

Sounds innocent enough right?


There’s so much to hate about this cursed video. The skin-crawling dexterity of that sinister foot. Those soft squelching noises as it wriggles its loathsome mass below the mud. The pause where it appears to catch its breath. The torrent of filth that spews from its wretched orifice. No-one can come away from this unchanged. It is hard evidence of the true monstrosity of nature.

The fucked-up clam vid has been shared far and wide from its humble origins on Oregon fly-fisher Kate Taylor‘s Facebook, and by all accounts it is a blot on humanity’s history.

Yes it is, my friend. Yes it is. 

The ocean: not even once.

Source: Business Insider.

Image: Facebook / Kate Taylor.