WATCH: This Girl Woke From Surgery Legit Thinking She Was Kylie Jenner

DAAAAAMN. What kind of drugs or anesthesia do they use for wisdom tooth surgery in the US? Surely not the same as what we use here in Australia, because this video of a young girl called Emma waking up from surgery, and legitimately thinking she is Kylie Jenner is somethin’ else

Like, after having my wisdom teeth extracted, I felt sleepy and somewhat physically similar to a chipmunk. No differing feelings or ardent opinions about the Kardashians were experienced. I certainly didn’t think I was part of one of the most well-known and divisive families in the entertainment industry. Anyone else?
Regardless, Emma was filmed by her mum Zenora, who you can hear laughing while her daughter freaks out and berates her for keeping it a secret that she’s actually Kylie. 
Emma also asks her mum if she is Kris and if her dad is Caitlyn, and apparently also called a friend when she got home to explain her newfound identity. Apparently Emma’s never even watched ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. 
“I’m Kylie, I’m a model. I’d like to go home… to my mansion.” CRYING. 
Photo: Youtube