The eternal question that plagues everyone’s minds in 2017 when video of an enormous lizard abomination hits Facebook Video: is this a Jurassic World viral promo, or nah?

The police department in Lakeland, Florida has posted a video of what appears to be a fuck-off huge alligator casually strolling across a grassy thoroughfare at the Circle B Bar wildlife preserve. The alligator, by any metric, is quite large. And the fools standing behind it seem to be pretty calm as what amounts to a 65 million year old dinosaur passes them.

The comments on the video are divided between people who think it’s fake and local Floridians who are trying to seem extremely cool and chill by suggesting it’s just a regular old gator and Not Even That Big, Actually, Compared To That Big Boy My Uncle Henk Saw Back In ’88.

Haters point to the fact that it doesn’t look like the grass moves at the point where the gator exits the path – but I don’t think that’s totally convincing. Maybe it’s a trick of perspective thanks to the people standing a few metres back from the reptile, making it seem bigger by comparison.

Or maybe, once again, a police department is lying to us.

Source: Facebook.

Photo: Facebook.