WATCH: These WA Libs ‘Dancing’ To Daft Punk Might Just Turn You Anarchist

Most of the attendees at today’s Western Australia Liberal Party election campaign launch were probably ready for a scotch finger and a lie-down by the time Premier Colin Barnett rocked up. Instead, they were greeted with this. THIS.

That’s right. Footage captured by 9 News Perth shows a whole host of party members happy-clapping to Daft Punk’s seminal One More Time at the decidedly un-disco event. 

It makes some kind of sense why they’d choose to ride on those vocoded vibes, as the party is chasing its third successive term in power. Extra enthusiasm is probably required as Labor was recently projected to win by as many as 20 seats. 

Of course, the wild cards from One Nation are giving it a red hot crack, too. There’s so much momentum behind that rabid brand that the Libs recently penned an unprecedented preference deal with ’em.
All of this is to say French house is preferable to the gnawing sound of silence and the fear of getting wiped out, but if they lose, this might end up looking like one of those horrific team-building exercises from some craven American big-box retailer. 

Source: ABC / Josh Jerga / Twitter / 9 News Perth.
Photo: Josh Jerga / Twitter / 9 News Perth.