Is Abel trying to actually murder us? Because he is goddamn SLAYING us with all these bloody, gory, homocidally-themed videos.

Mere months after he released the shockingly brutal video for ‘False Alarm (we’re not exactly known for clutching our pearls, but we just we’re not prepared for that much death that early in the morning), The Weeknd has dropped another full-on vid. 

This time, he’s released a short film ‘MANIA‘ that features music from The Weeknd‘s new album ‘Starboy’.

In it, he finds a rather beautiful lady in a club, who then murders someone in the bathroom to save him. 

Afterwards, they dance contentedly with each other on the dance floor, flippant about the illegal crime that they committed in the venue and seemingly unconcerned that the police might be on their way once someone discovers the body. 

A true love story, if we’re honest. All in the space of 12 minutes. 


Source: Youtube.