In a surprising and welcome departure from the normal conversation we’ve been having about the DeppHeardJoyce dog quagmire, Kitty Flanagan has used the fiasco as a launching point for ripping into the humble border security service beagle. 

Talking to Charlie Pickering in a segment on The Weekly, she called in to question both the effectiveness and the trustworthiness of the puppers. She also constantly reiterated her passion for reality entertainment / Government propaganda TV show Border Security.

WATCH: ‘The Weekly’ Blows The Lid Off Border Security Beagle Corruption

She urges us to look past their cute faces and floppy ears and consider the evidence, like their inability to notice two dog buttholes on a small private plane and also the paintings of them drinking and smoking and playing pool.

Watch the vid and see what Kitty recommends as an alternative to our reliance on beagles:

Photo: YouTube.