WATCH: The Sea Claims Utes As Her Own After WA Drivers Misjudge The Tide

For many blue-blooded Australians, the Queen’s birthday long weekend is a primo opportunity to load up the ute, go on a trek, and utilise the last fading shreds of decent weather this nation has to offer. 

It’s a time-honoured tradition to scope out the boonies, but according to the Augusta Margaret River SES, a couple of drivers kinda forgot about the time-honoured tradition: bloody tides, son.

In a series of increasingly depressing photos and videos, a couple of utes can be seen bobbing helplessly in the surf off Hamelin Bay. 
The SES say they were called out to retrieve ’em last week, after the drivers returned to their vehicles to find the sea had claimed them as her own. 


To make the whole deal even more heart-wrenching, it’s reported that Navarra was less than a month old.

It’s unclear whether it had a snorkel fitted, but as the SES says, “even when you have all the right gear and experience driving on sand you can get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.”