WATCH: The ‘Red Dog: True Blue’ Trailer Is Here & PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES

Stuff the rest of the world if they didn’t get it. Australia bloody loved ‘Red Dog,’ mostly because it was a good, honest story about an outback battler who brought everyone together and who just so happened to be a VERY GOOD DOGGO.

Not just any dog, either. A working dog. A solid dog. A dog for Australia.
The film, released in 2011, wound up being by far and away the most successful Australian film of the year, and with $21million in box office receipts, it’s the eighth highest-grossing Australian film of all-time.
So naturally, we get a sequel. Because one good dog deserves another.
That sequel, or rather a prequel, is ‘Red Dog: True Blue,’ and in preparation for its release this December, we’ve got our first proper look at what’s in store.
Dogs. Dogs are in store. Wee little pupperoos this time, too.
The prequel follows the birth and early life of the legendary Pilbara Red Dog and tracks his rise from a pup to the point where the first film starts off, with Red Dog being discovered and picked up on the road to Dampier.
The prequel stars Bryan Brown, Justine Clarke, Levi Miller, and Hanna Mangan Lawrence, among others. The original film’s writing and directing combo of Daniel Taplitz and Kriv Stenders are reprising their roles for round two.
Red Dog: True Blue‘ is due to hit cinemas this coming Boxing Day.

Source: YouTube.