WATCH: That All-Male Startup Got Roasted To Hell By The Bondi Hipsters

Remember those Brisbane weirdos who got dragged to hell last week for their plans to open an all-male start-up gym / co-working space? I sure do, because I wrote about them a bunch of times.
If you don’t remember, here’s a quick summary of how events transpired: Nomadic Thinkers (the start-up) sends out press releases about their “no girls allowed” techno man-cave, everybody in the world makes fun of them for being huge dinguses, and they delete or set to private their entire social media presence. This all took place in less than 48 hours, isn’t the internet wild?
As part of the collective lambasting they received from pretty much everyone with a pulse, local heroes Bondi Hipsters weighed in with a Facebook post that I probably reckon warrants my rare and precious usage of the word “excoriating”.
Now they’ve given us an even better takedown in video form, with a parody promo video for an all-male think-tank called “Bromentum” and their workspace at “Brotopia“.
It is a devastating breakdown of all the shitty attitudes that go into something like Nomadic Thinkers: the weird paranoia about feminism, the shitty faux ‘Fight Club‘ sense of masculinity, and nerds. Mostly nerds.
Have a watch:
Solid bloody gold.
Source and photo: YouTube.