WATCH: Tassie’s ‘Happiest Sushi Chef’ Will Make You Laugh/Cry/Hungry

We’ve partnered with CommBank to help them showcase everyday people that are making Australia exceptional. Whilst the big heroes we see on the news obvi’ deserve our gratitude, it’s high-time we celebrate the littler ones. Y’know, the champs flying under the radar that deserve a bit of a shout-out. To do this, CommBank created the Australian of the Day series. Check out this video of the sushi-master they uncovered in Tasmania before heading over to the website to read more.

Sushi has become a staple of a well-balanced ‘Strayan diet. If you’re a fan of it then holla at your boy/thank Masaaki Koyama. He’s one of the many chefs that challenged Aussie palettes back in the day, knowing full-well we’d love it.  

“It was tough getting people to try something they had never had before, but every time the reactions were great.”
As you’ll soon see, Masaaki is a surgeon with a knife. You wouldn’t want to get him fired up in a small place while he’s holding one.
Not that that’s of any concern, though, he’s the happiest sushi chef in all of Tasmania. 

He bailed on the intense city-life of Osaka for the literal greener pastures of Hobart and it was in Australia that he fell in lurve – both with a woman and Tasmania’s charm. He’s since opened a shop in Geeveston which pops-off amongst the community. 
Masaaki’s story, positive attitude and impressive skill-set are the reason why he’s CommBank’s Australian of the Day #185. 

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Lead image via Luke Byrne.