By now, you’ve almost definitely seen the footage of Channel Nine NewsAmber Sherlock absolutely melting down when she and fellow reporter Julie Snook both – quelle horreur! – wore a white shirt. 

A picture = 1000 words, etc.

It was a spectacular display of workplace pass agg that was never supposed to be seen by the outside world, but absolutely was, and pretty much by everyone to boot. Oops.

Channel 7‘s Sunrise decided to have a lil’ poke at its rival network this morning, working in a gag about the whole white shirt drama in a bit that was 100% pre-prepared.

Wow. Kochie’s level of enthusiasm for rival networks is so low it’s in the negative integers, hey.

After the OG footage went gangbusters viral yesterday, Sherlock released a statement saying that “she probably overreacted with the pressure of presenting a live bulletin”, but that hasn’t stopped widespread criticism of her apparent workplace bullying and/or everyone taking the piss.

There’s now a “witch hunt” on to find out who leaked the video to Mumbrella, according to reports in The footage was apparently circulated ’round the Nine newsroom before finding its way into the outside world.

“It was hugely embarrassing and Amber will be demanding answers,” an ‘insider’ told the website, who added that those will be difficult to come by as a high number of people had access to the footage.

He / she said that the meltdown was hardly an isolated incident.

“Amazingly, wardrobe is probably the most debated issue for presenters,” they said.

Well, every job has its pressure points. Would pay good money (i.e. a tenner) for footage of Kochie snapping over the colour of his tie, tbqh with you. Please direct all (serious) offers to, please and thank you.
Photo: Channel Nine.