With the news that Far North Queensland researchers are going out on a legitimate thylacine hunt after a spate of supposed sightings, is it any wonder that the universe (/internet) has dished up this latest cryptozoological treat?

Thanks to South Australian teacher Paul Day, we’ve got the below footage of a quadrupedal animal gambolling across a field at sunrise to scrutinise. Apparently Day was scouting photography locations on the Yorke Peninsula when this little mate hopped into shot. 

As he says in the titles on the video, he thought it was a dog or a fox at first. But on closer inspection, he started to think that maybe it could be one of the legendary remaining Tasmanian tigers. They were once spread throughout the mainland, but were thought to have gone extinct long before the last of their mates in Tassie died in 1936. 

According to Neil Waters, the founder of an organisation called the Thylacine Awareness Group, the animal’s gait is the biggest giveaway as to its true identity:

“This animal has a tail with a thick base, just like a thylacine, and there appears to be some discolouration on its back. Then it has this gait that is so peculiar, but it’s just like people have described the thylacine movement.”

WATCH: South Aus Bloke Reckons He’s Captured Footage Of An Actual Thylacine

Another video purporting to be of a thylacine from back in 2009 does show an animal with a similar hoppitty (that’s a technical term) gait; that being said, we could just be looking at two dogs with sore paws padding about. 

(How good would it be if it were real, though.)

Source: 9NEWS.

Image: YouTube.