There is nothing on this planet as terrifying as the concept of fucking up on live television. The fear of spiders, deep water, and even your regular ol’ existential dread pale in comparison to the thought of literally broadcasting your failure to untold thousands. 

With that in mind, we hope you’re ready to cringe your spines out with secondhand embarrassment at this atrocity. 

A lil’ earlier this morning local time, BBC Breakfast co-anchor Jon Kay launched into an introduction for Leslie Binns, the show’s next guest. Binns, a veteran and mountaineer, gained some notoriety after turning back 500m from the summit of Mount Everest to assist another fallen climber.

The thing is… Well, look:

That thinly-veiled “aah” from co-anchor Rachel Burden. That side-eye from the bemused Dr Todd Landman, a political commentator who certainly isn’t Binns. The sudden realisation something had just gone phenomenally wrong – and the fact Burden was powerless to stop it. It’s almost too much.

FWIW, the trio did actually recover, with Kay asking Landman if he had any heroic stories of his own. Dr Landman, bless his heart, said he did – but not involving Everest. Fair enough, matey.

The pair also managed to shake it off via social media, just afterwards:

Shades of Guy Goma on this one, we reckon. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be here imagining a world where everything pans out flawlessly, 100% of the time.

Source: @sophie_hines / Twitter / Metro.
Photo: @sophie_hines / Twitter.