WATCH: Short Film About Same-Sex Marriage Is Here To Impact Your Emotions

Okay, guys, just prepare your feels for this one, okay?

A group of friends have made a short film called ‘We Will‘ about same-sex couple Claire (Bianca Bradey) and Rachel (Madeleine Withington), telling the tale of their relationship them from awkward first date to Pinterest-worthy wedding.

“Myself and a team of friends have been disappointed with the slow progress on marriage equality in Australia; so we did the only thing we really knew how to do – we made a very lovely short film that normalises relationships between same-sex couples,” 
Sydney-based filmmaker Nicholas Lever told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

It’s reminiscent of Get Up!‘s 2011 ad ‘It’s Time‘: tear-jerky, beautifully shot, and presenting same-sex relationships as every bit as normal, loving, awkward, shitty, playful, scary, etc as hetero ones. To use 2015’s overused word of choice, Claire + Rachel are relationship goals, 100%.

The script comes courtesy of Nirrimi Firebrace and Samuel Leighton-Dore (the dude behind the excellent children’s book ‘I Think I’m A Poof‘), with everyone working on the film for free.

Have a watch here:


Photo: supplied.