WATCH: Schapelle Corby’s Auntie Jenny Greets Journos Like A Legend

Schapelle Corby, who touched down in Brisbane this morning after serving out her drug smuggling sentence in Bali, is currently Australia‘s most sought-after woman, and if one good thing comes out of the surrounding media circus, it will surely be this interview with her Auntie Jenny.

Reporters in Brisbane have been hanging around Corby’s mum’s house south of the city, hoping to catch a glimpse of her on her first day of freedom. In the midst of all this, an intrepid 7 News crew managed to track down her aunt, to see if they could uncover any goss on where she’s currently holed up.
While she could quite reasonably have slammed the door in their faces, Auntie Jenny greeted them with a big smile, and told them she has no idea where Schapelle is, but when she sees her niece, she’ll greet her with “a peck on the cheek and a massive hug!” 
Jenny, this morning, you are truly Australia’s auntie. Keep up the good work.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.