Schapelle Corby seems like she’s honestly in a pretty good place rn – although it’s probably not too hard to be in a better place than serving time for drug smuggling in an Indonesian prison.

And she’s taken full advantage of the Insta opportunities her newfound freedom allows, posting vidyas of the media pack swamping her in Bali, reposting her sister Mercedes‘ brag about misleading the media, and making good ol’ fashioned boogie board jokes. And all of this since she opened up her account at the end of May, mere hours before she was due to land on Australian soil for the first time in over 12 years. 

She’s back on the ‘Gram today – her 40th birthday – to serenade her 200K followers in selfie mode, her phone reflected in her sunnies: 

I am in Queensland, and it is sunny. I have the palm trees behind me…” 

But after the misdirections of Corby’s initial arrival in Australia, perhaps she is not in fact in Queensland. Perhaps she is ~climactic music~ somewhere else

Mucking around on this sunny day #2017?? @nat_zelz

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Corby tagged Adelaide singer-songwriter and music producer Natalie Zeleny in the post, saying in the comments, “Hope I haven’t destroyed the little song too badly“. 

It’s okay though, we’re all good: Zeleny wished Corby a happy birthday, adding, “I love love love this“.  

The post has racked up a solid almost-60K views since this morning. 

We wish Schapelle the best of luck on next year’s ‘The Voice‘. 

Source & Photo: Instagram.