WATCH: Sarah Silverman Feels The Bern, Backs Sanders For Prez In A+ Clip

It’s not a secret that the Internet writ large is a little bit in love with Bernie Sanders, the roguish, friend-of-the-birds Vermont senator running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential Nomination.
The protracted, drawn-out primary process (that won’t end until bloody July if you can believe that shit) rolls on across the US, with Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington the latest states to have their voices heard late last week.
Whilst the Republican vote appears to be an inevitable and horrifying slice towards a Donald Trump nomination, the Democratic vote is still reasonably wide open. Clinton does hold a solid lead over Sanders at present, but it’s a lead that’s very assailable – particularly given the crown jewels in the voting pie, the progressive-leaning states of New York and California, have yet to vote. And it’s also interesting to note that Clinton has only managed to win one out of the past six states, with Sanders scoring commanding wins in Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii.
And as the battle between Sanders and Clinton rages on, more and more Democratic-voting celebrities are publicly picking sides.
Whilst many usually just state their preference and move on, Sarah Silverman provided a thorough, and very thought-provoking explanation of her reasoning for backing Bernie – far beyond just a vague personal preference for the things Bernie says.
In a video post made on her Facebook page, Silverman detailed that Bernie’s track record of being on the right side about practically every major social issue that’s occurred during his politically active life.
Calling him a “once-in-a-lifetime” candidate, Silverman also addressed common right-wing criticisms of Bernie; namely, the fear-mongering surrounding the apparent “evils” of socialism.

BERNIE SANDERS IS THE ONE FOR ME: Sarah Silverman Explains

Friendos! I made this vid about why I’m voting #BERNIE. Hope u eat it up. Bernie Sanders JASH

Posted by Sarah Silverman on Monday, 28 March 2016

The state of Wisconsin is next on the polling block, with Clinton polling slightly ahead of Sanders. However US polling isn’t always reliable, and the labour-heavy, working-class population of the state seems likely to lean more towards Bernie than Hillary.

Meanwhile, Australia’s apparently set to run and decide an entire Federal election before Presidential nominations are formally declared. So there’s that.

Source: Facebook.