This week has been a mixed bag for property developers with political interests. One of ’em was confirmed as the next leader of the US, but it’s now been revealed Salim Mehajer was arrested in Ibiza.

In footage obtained by A Current Affair, the former deputy mayor of Sydney’s Auburn can be seen speaking to Spanish coppers, before they deemed it necessary to bundle him into a police vehicle.

The program reports the situation was spurred by an unfortunate incident on Friday involving a taxi, chips and ice-cream. That’s usually a recipe for delicious disaster, and ACA claims the driver took umbrage to Mehajer and two friends spilling their food in his vehicle. 

It’s thought an argument burst out between the car’s occupants. The driver alleged Mehajer kicked at him from his seat in the back, at which point the driver called the police, pulled over and instructed the three men to leave the vehicle. 

Cops arrived soon after. That’s when the video kicks in.


It’s not yet known what charges – if any – have been laid against Mehajer, and he’s yet to comment on the incident through his social media channels. However, a breezy Instagram post from a day ago does verify the bloke’s presence on the party island.

Life goes on in Ibiza town. Whilst every bar and club are closed during this season, the ocean remains. There is no better sound to hear than the ocean, the wind, and the rain all at once, late at night.

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We’ll let you know how this one winds up.

Source: 9 News.
Photo: A Current Affair / Facebook.