WATCH: ‘Rick & Morty’ Trip Actual Balls In The Wild New Teaser For Season 3

There’s only a week and a glib-globbin’ bit until season 3 of ‘Ricky & Morty‘ FINALLY comes out. 
In the interminable stretch between the end of S2 and the start of the much-anticipated S3, creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have been trickling out some increasingly disturbing teasers (as well as that entire episode they streamed on repeat that one time). 
The latest, directed by Matt Taylor, is a stomach-churning amalgamation of the animated gross-outs we’ve come to know and love in a fuckload of different art styles. 
There’s an early Disney moment, religious iconography, a Batman reference, a Robert Crumb homage, some fairly heavy Mayan sacrifice bullshit and a whole Gazorpa-zorp-field of other mind-boggling weirdness. 
In other words, it’s A+ stuff. Plus it’s soundtracked by Run The Jewels
And if you’re getting halfway through and feeling like there’s a few subtle drug references going on, well, uh, you’d be right. 
About 250,000 tabs’ worth, in fact.
Image: YouTube.