WATCH: Recoil In Horror As These Robo-Reindeer Casually Ruin Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate tradition, family, love, and the possibility of peace amongst all men in the New Year.

Tech company Boston Dynamics just gave a giant middle finger to all that namby-pamby shit though, ’cause they’ve got an unthinking, undying legion of robotic reindeer at their beck and call. 

“Happy holidays,” our would-be Santa announces in an accent that deffo puts the “Boston” in her company’s name. It might be difficult to do anything happily after seeing evil rendered incarnate in robotic form, but we’ll try, lady.

FWIW, the trotting monstrosities are examples of their BigDog robots, which are being developed for military use BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY ARE. We’re left with only one logical conclusion to this abject horror.

Anyway, get Pranced, Blitzed and Vixened below:

Photo: Youtube.