It’s easy to forget that our northern hemispherical cousins in the UK have no real concept of hot weather. Ask anyone who’s been on study abroad in Scotland and they’ll tell you, wide-eyed and shivering, that people start taking their shirts off when the mercury hits 15C. It’s wrong, and impossible to understand, but there you have it: they’re just kinda nuts that way.

Still. Forgive me for emitting a small chuckle at the news that not one, but five Queen’s Royal Guards – you know, the blokes in the red coats and the fluffy hats – flat-out fainted today at the Trooping the Colour parade for the Queen’s Birthday celebrations

Why? Because the temperature reached a blistering 25C. 

Watch ’em drop like flies below. Should have swapped those fluffy things for a trusty legionnaire’s hat, mates. 

Source: 9NEWS.

Image: YouTube.