WATCH: Prepare To Farewell ‘Workaholics’ W/ The Trailer For Its Last Season

Nothing gold can stay, pals.
So while we’ve had a very tight butthole time through 6 seasons of ‘Workaholics,’ the time has come to make like Frozen and let it go.
The much-beloved series is heading into its seventh, and final, season come early next year. And in preparation for the end we’ve got a ~very emotional~ trailer highlighting the fact that the end is nigh.
Oh god, it’s happening. It’s really happening.

Until then, however, we’ve still got at least 10 more episodes to look forward to. According to Comedy Central, that’s gonna involve:

“The guys, along with officemates Jillian, Alice, and Montez, and their friend Karl, battle a group of trainees for the title of main office pranksters, throw their own version of Coachella to impress a group of festival girls, make the most of the TelAmericCorp beachside timeshare, and look back on the time when they all competed together on a reality TV dating show.”

Also Dennis Quaid is gonna guest star, because TV in 2016/17 is a wonderful fever dream from which I hope we never wake.

All hope is not completely lost for a life after season seven, either. Montez himself is angling for a ‘Gilmore Girls‘-style reunion a little ways down the road.


The final season of ‘Workaholics‘ premieres on January 12th, Australian time. You can catch it locally via Comedy Central Australia on Fetch TV.

Source: Comedy Central/Facebook.