So we’ve got Pauline Hanson in the Federal Senate. That happened, it’s going to continue to happen, it’s just something we’ll have to live with for a while.

The SBS is about to air ‘Please Explain!‘; a documentary about her rise and fall and rise again in Australian politics. The fact that it’s about *her* aside, the story itself is fairly remarkable, truth be told.

Filming a documentary is fairly straightforward work. They set up a camera, someone prompts you with questions and talking points, you say your bit and move on.

Turns out one of the members of the crew who shot the doco is an Indigenous man.

Pauline Hanson. A live camera. And someone with vaguely brown skin in the immediate vicinity.

Nothing could possibly go wrong there, right?



WATCH: Pauline Hanson Shocks Nation By Saying Dumb Thing To Indigenous Man

Pauline Hanson: Please Explain!‘ airs this Sunday at 8:35pm on SBS.

If we all hold hands, maybe we’ll get through this. Together.

Source: SBS/Facebook.