WATCH: Patriotic/Sensible Bald Eagle Rains Hell On Donald Trump’s Toupee

Donald Trump is having a little sooky-la-la about Time magazine’s decision to award Person of the Year to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her handling of the refugees crisis and European debt crisis in 2015.

Time no doubt gives exactly zero fucks Trump’s throwing his toys out of the pram over their decision, but they did decide to bring him down a couple of notches by tweeting a “previously unreleased blooper” of an American bald eagle called Uncle Sam (HOW’Z THE SYMBOLISM) scaring the living fuck out of him during a cover shoot for the magazine last August.

It’s just… it’s really great. The part where it messes up his toupee? Someone give that bird a medal.

Meanwhile, a petition calling for Trump to be barred from entering the UK has gathered more than 300,000 names, which means that MPs will have to consider debating it (any petition with more than 100,000 signatures is automatically considered for debate in Parliament.)
It’s a good day, TBH.
Wait, wait – before you go, just one more time.
Source: Time.