Watch Out, There’s A ‘Breaking Bad’-Themed Malware On The Loose

There’s a malware attack spreading in Australia, locking users’ files and demanding up to $1000 to decrypt them, and to add insult to injury, it’s themed around the beloved Breaking Bad.

A blog post from Symantec says that the malware, which encrypts images, documents, photos, videos and other files, comes with ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ branding, and requests that victims email “the one who knocks.”
The demand links to a video tutorial on how to obtain Bitcoins, but notes that, “when speaking to the Bitcoin exchangers, it is wise not to mention that you are paying for a ransom, as they may refuse you.”
Once encrypted, files can only be decrypted by obtaining a private key from the attackers. Per Symantec’s post:

The malware arrives through a malicious zip archive, which uses the name of a major courier firm in its file name. This zip archive contains a malicious file called ‘PENALTY.VBS’ (VBS.Downloader.Trojan) which when executed, downloads the crypto ransomware onto the victim’s computer. The threat also downloads and opens a legitimate .pdf file to trick users into thinking that the initial zip archive was not a malicious file.

So yeah, we know you wouldn’t, but don’t open that.
via Symantec / ABC News