WATCH: Our Bin-Loving Friend The Ibis Finally Gets The Anthem It Deserves

The three very worst things on this planet are, in descending order: worldwide famine, 10:03pm when you’re trying to hit the bottle-o (in Sydney), and bin juice-hocking ibises.

They are – without wanting to lean too strongly on this view – feathered bin rats with an attitude problem who wouldn’t lift a wing to save you if you were burning to the ground, marinating themselves on the daily in the festering turd hells of our cities, perching themselves on our bins like they fucking own the things and then picking apart our carefully disposed of trash. They are trash birds.

To that end, the Bondi Hipsters have released ‘A Song About Birds‘, which is a dedication to all the beautiful and varied feathered friends that roam this planet of ours… and ibises. Or to use their scientific name, Threskiornis Binjuicius.

Photo: Bondi Hipsters.