WATCH: One Nation Senator Caught In Delightful ‘This Is Fine’ IRL Meme

Live moves at you pretty fast sometimes.

One Nation
leader Pauline Hanson and her colleague Rodney Culleton are reportedly having it out, with rumours of split circulating after they failed to meet for a crisis talk on Tuesday, and then argued via the ABC over whose fault that was.

“Excuse me, I’m party leader. I expect you to come to my office, right,” said Hanson direct to the ABC’s TV camera.

“She’s certainly not the boss of my office and I had urgent business I had to adhere to and it wasn’t convenient,”
said Culleton later to ABC Radio.

That’s right, we elected these guys!!!

Anyhoo, at this morning’s White Ribbon event, Culleton – who blanked the hell out of Hanson, and vice versa – managed to become the literal embodiment of the “This is fine” meme by assuring a journo that his relationship with Hanson was just that and then immediately knocking over a pile of carefully stacked teacups.

The Today Show
managed to catch it on camera, too.

I mean, it’s just… *kisses fingers*.

MFW everything’s fine.

Photo: The Today Show.