WATCH: Obama Savours The Hell Out Of His Final Presidential Turkey Pardon

US President Barack Obama hasn’t been perfect – he’s a little too drone-strikey for many peoples’ liking – and it’s not exactly a safe thing to do to gawk at the leader of the world’s most powerful military.

But goddamn, he can be endearing, and that charisma is best displayed when he gets on with the jollier elements of running a nation.

For his final Thanksgiving turkey pardon, the POTUS cranked up his cheesy jokes as far as the Constitution’s First Amendment would allow. 

Somehow, the man managed to make the ceremonial life-saving of turkeys Tater and Tot even goofier than necessary with an insistence on daddish wisecracks. “Gravy train.” Good one, Barry. 

It’d be groanworthy if a) he weren’t the man he is, and b) if we didn’t have the humourless and reprehensible-for-other-reasons Donald Trump following in his footsteps. 

Anyway, enough about politics. Watch the certified father unload his wisdom below, and wonder if we’ll ever get an onion pardon of our own:

Source and photo: The White House / YouTube.