Here’s a shocker: Politicians, from time to time, tend to act somewhere below absolutely honest.

Whilst you’re all picking your brains up off the floor from that little skull-breaker, wrap your peepers around this one.

Local comedy outfit Collective Noun have done the apparently unthinkable and crafted an actually honest politician in a hilarious new video.

The whole premise revolves around a pollie at a press conference who does not hide his motivations, or his ulterior motives, or the fact that he’s really got no idea about any of his own supposed policies.

Though truth be told that last one isn’t really so much a hilarious send up as it is more a sad fact of reality.

Still, y’know, if you can’t laugh…

The hard hat. You just *bloody know* everyone in Canberra has one in their desk. Custom size and all.

Source: YouTube.