As we said yesterday – not all heroes wear capes. Some save the day wearing only their jocks. 

True blue Aussie bloke Daniel McConnell won the hearts of this blessed sunburned country yesterday, when he was interviewed by ‘Today’ because he selflessly chased down a crim after they crashed their car into his mate’s shop next door, then attempted to flee the scene. 

Luckily, cops were already on the case, so all’s well that ends well: crim was caught, his mates have insurance on their shop, and now Dan is revered Aussie bloody hero.

So much so, that this morning, rival morning show ‘Sunrise’ nabbed an exclusive interview with McConnell – which is funny, because their almost-identical-but-not-quite-as-good OG interview with the bloke ended with them sorta calling him a criminal. (He seemed fine w/ it, though.)


The cutest moment of all was that his announcement that his partner is pregnant with their fifth child – which previous to the interview, none of his family and friends knew:

“Everyone found out yesterday, me partner didn’t even tell everyone.

She’s like, ‘I haven’t told anyone and now you’ve told the world!’”

Anyway, pls enjoy the newly appointed King of Australia retell his dramatic confrontation with the fleeing driver once again in even more detail with even more “MAAAAAAAAAATE”s chucked into the mix. 

He even gets a present at the end. Cute. 


Our fave bit of all of this was that this morning on KIIS FM, McConnell spoke to Hughesy about his ‘Sunrise‘ interview, explaining that they weren’t paying him for the appearance, but they were putting him up in a nice hotel:

“I even brought a six pack down from Brisbane so I could have a beer in the Mercure resort last night!”

WATCH: New King Of ‘Straya Dan McConnell Cops 10/10 Guest Spot On ‘Sunrise’

Source: Sunrise.

Photo: Sunrise / Today.