Since footage of a woman being catcalled while walking the streets in New York went viral and sent the internet into a near-meltdown, there have been numerous videos made in response, including an attempt to recreate the experience in the streets of Sydney.

Today, another, similar video has gone viral. Posted a few days ago under the banner of a ‘social experiment’, it shows a young woman walking the streets L.A. and pretending to be drunk in order to gauge men’s responses.


Wow. The way the video plays out is pretty disturbing, showing the willingness of complete strangers to prey on a young woman in an intoxicated state.

Some have called its veracity into question, noting that the audio is very clear for something supposedly recorded on the fly, and also, that the men’s faces are shown without blurring, when it seems unlikely anyone would sign a release after this.

We have no way of knowing, beyond the fact that everything in the video feels like it could quite credibly be true, and fits depressingly easily with first-hand accounts of this type of street harassment

If part of the ‘social experiment’ was to further expose the toxic swamp of misogyny bubbling away under the surface of the internet, then mission accomplished – don’t read the YouTube comments unless you want your faith in humanity shaken.

via Complex