Julien Blanc, an American ‘dating coach’ with a “PhD in female attraction”, has been in Australia this week to conduct a series of seminars that purport to teach desperate young men how to engage women through acts of physical assault, choking and sexual violence. 

Despite a number of hotels who had previously agreed to host Blanc’s ‘Real Social Dynamics’ seminars rescinding the use of their facilities earlier this week, one seminar with an estimated 50 ticket holding guests in attendance almost managed to take place tonight on a boat in Melbourne’s Southbank. 

However, thanks to a groundswell movement burgeoned by social media and operating under the hashtag #takedownjulienblanc, that substitute seminar  – hosted by a colleague of Blanc – has also been shut down as the result of some extremely affirmative action that sent a number of very clear, very loud messages. Chief amongst them: this kind of shit will not be tolerated.

At the time of writing, #takedownjulienblanc is only gaining momentum on Twitter, with those in attendance repurposing slogans like ‘The real #TeamAustralia’ and ‘#StopTheBoat’ amidst chants of “Walk of shame” and “Stop rape culture” to drill home the message that Blanc and his supporters’ attitudes toward women are not welcome on a Melbourne River Cruise boat, in hotel conference rooms, or anywhere else in Australia.

You can and should follow the events as they continue to unfold here.

You can also sign a petition to have the remainder of Blanc’s seminars cancelled both in Australia and abroad here

Photo and Vines via @LiamQuinn__