WATCH: Matt & Alex Turn Their Social Game Up To 11 With “Doin’ Numbers”

You know dat feel.

You post a witty comment on a public FB page post. All of sudden? You doin’ numbers.
You throw up an IG of you looking absolutely fire and throw in a #blessed or #wanderlust or #namaste alongside that badboy. Nek minnit? YOU DOIN’ NUMBERS.
You craft that one beautiful, perfect Tweet that everyone hit RIT on the second you throw that shit up? Son, YOU DOIN’ NUMBERS.
Triple J‘s own Matt & Alex know them feels.
Sing it, lads.

Seriously though, 12 likes on the Insta post? That is pretty damned good, all things considered.
‘Course the whole thing is being done as a charity push for Headspace, so you’d be a big ole’ fool to not chuck them a few dollars and help blow it up a little bit.