WATCH: Matt & Alex Pluck Pheasants, Get Their Tongues Twisted Live On Air

The barren fields of Australian radio can be a terribly uncouth place, full of vile, nasty creatures and horrible blue language.

Fortunate then are we to have bastions of good manners Matthew Okine and Alexander Dyson to provide a slim sliver of civility to the national youth broadcaster Triple J.
The hosts yesterday announced they would be using their episode this morning to revel in all things upper class, hosting their show with an etiquette not previously seen or heard on the Australian airwaves.

Such poise. Such grace.
The show this morning featured all manner of high class fun and frivolity, including a resident harp player, a ceremonial playing of Queen‘s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ – the most high-class song in Triple J’s library – as well as an on-air lesson in elocution and pronunciation.
Interviewing a linguistics expert, their esteemed guest charged the pair the frightening task of reading out tongue twisters live on air.
One slip of the tongue could have sent the programme crashing off the air, but the task was handled with aplomb.

Bravo, gentlemen! An afternoon of pheasant plucking awaits!

Source: Matt & Alex/Facebook.