WATCH: Loose Units Take Motorised Picnic Tables For A Spin ‘Round Perth

Novelty transportation is somewhat of a national pastime, and you’re liable to have your citizenship revoked if you say you’ve not once wished for a motorised esky. 

Still, while some mere mortals are content with riding their picnic coolers around town, a group of Perth gentlemen decided that driving the picnic itself is in order. 
Behold: the peak of Australian ingenuity. Forget penicillin, wi-fi, plastic cash and the rest of that frivolous shit, this right here is the future. 
Two working prototypes are shown gracefully navigating a suburban intersection, and each table boasts enough bench space to carry you and your mates. The next time someone says the nation’s auto industry is dead, go ahead and show them this.
A few details remain unclear. How are they steered? Are accelerator and brake duties evenly distributed among passengers? What do the fine constabulary of Western Australia think about the whole deal?
Whatever the case, imagine yourself riding off into the sunset with the boys below:

Two motorised picnic tables were spotted cruising along West Coast Hwy in Scarborough on Sunday afternoon. Were you there? Call us on 9449 9961.

Posted by 9 News Perth on Monday, 16 November 2015


via 9 News.