Watch Lena Dunham’s New Short Film On Politics & Girl Power

In collaboration with American retailer ‘& Other Stories‘ and designer Rachel Antonoff, Girls star Lena Dunham has directed a short film centred around female empowerment in politics.

It revolves around a young girl who is starting off in her first small-town political campaign. When she faces some absolute douchebags conservative civilians telling her that she won’t be voted for because of her gender, she floats off into a dream where she is the USA’s first female President.
It stars Zoe Kazan, who you may recognise from Ruby Sparks, as the future US President, Audrey.
The vid is obviously an ad for Antonoff‘s adorable capsule collection with ‘& Other Stories‘, but it may also be a reflection of the experiences women have had in politics. Considering Dunham’s support for Hillary Clinton, who is currently campaigning to be the first female President of the United States IRL, it could well be an ode to rejection Hillz faced as a young’un.