WATCH: Larry Wilmore Tells Transphobic Creep Milo Yiannopoulos To Get Fkd

If there’s a better way to start your morning than watching a confirmed dickhead get verbally slapped down, I do not want to know about it.
Today, alt-right fuckwit Milo Yiannopoulos is the neo-Nazi, and comedian/former ‘Nightly Show’ host Larry Wilmore is, to borrow from a much cruder example, the fist.
In a follow-up and antidote to Bill Maher’s tepid ‘Real Time’ interview with the overwhelmingly bigoted Yiannopoulos, Wilmore first challenged the suspended Twitter star’s wildly transphobic insistence that transgender women shouldn’t get to pee:
“I just think it’s sad, because the same arguments that were used against gay people, treating them like aliens who wanted to fuck anything that moved and that’s why we should avoid them at all costs, are being used [against transgender people].” 
It’s worth emphasising how little Maher seemed to care about this issue; he barely tried to stand up to or even fact-check a shocking display of transphobia, and even described Yiannopoulos’ blatantly fucked toilet argument as reasonable.
After Yiannopoulos then wrongly implied that transgender people are more likely to commit sexual assault (it’s literally the opposite, as they’re more likely to be survivors) and demonstrated some of his infamous internalised homophobia, co-panelist and US Counterintelligence Officer Malcolm Nance tried to join the debate. 
But because sad, small people thrive on feeling smarter than everyone else, Yiannopolous met Nance’s comments with a patronising demand that that Real Time needs guests with higher IQs. And having witnessed such an enormous, entirely unearned level of smugness, Wilmore finally took off the kid gloves:
You can go fuck yourself.
“If your argument is that these people are stupid, you didn’t hear a word this man said earlier this segment.”

“Because he can talk circles around your pathetic, douchey little ass from England, all right.”
Wilmore then made sure to call out the Yiannopolous for leading the online harassment of Leslie Jones, because he’s a goddamn legend and twice the comedian/journalist/general person Maher will ever be.
This is the second time someone has slapped down a shitty alt-right troll in as many weeks, with Aussie comic Jim Jeffries telling Piers Morgan to “fuck off” last weekend.
You can watch the full interview below, but skip to 4:03 if you want to avoid throwing up ya breakfast:
Source and photo: Real Time.