WATCH: Kristen Wiig Hits Maximum Creep In New ‘Zoolander 2’ Teaser

Oh, the Uncanny Valley is a strange, wonderful thing. The closer the artificial – be it robots, CGI, what have you – comes to resembling a real human, the creepier it gets. That theory goes a long way in explaining why Kristin Wiig’s appearance in Zoolander 2 is so utterly skin-crawling, ’cause that shit looks barely human at all.

Alexanya Atoz gets her turn hawking Youth Milk in the just-released teaser for the upcoming flick, welcoming the unsuspecting public into her “booty labiatory.” Featuring “distilled water from natural street puddles in Indo-nay-siya,” the super-duper skin serum is practically guaranteed to bring endless joy to your old, tired face*. Here’s proof:

Flawless. Photo: Youtube. 

Oddly enough, this horrifying little clip bodes well for some more ~ deep ~ satire in the upcoming flick, which hits screens on February 11. 

Get “effer-vaya-sant” below: 

*Not really. Not at all.