Folks, it looks like some yahoo of a jockey, some over-eager rapscallion, has screwed the damned pooch. They have bet on the wrong damn horse, shot their wad, blown their lead, as it were.

In human words, he has extremely, wonderfully, misjudged his whole damn race.
Earlier today, apprentice jockey Rafi Firdhaus completely mistook the length of his race in Hokitika, New Zealand. With one lap to go, he pushed the ‘go fast button’ on his terrifically-named horse Locally Sauced, much to the commentators shock/delight: 
“I hope this rider in front knows there is another lap to go.”

“He’s misjudged this, this rider. He’s miscounted the rounds Rafi Firdhaus.” 

“Locally Sauced, you haven’t won son.”
After experiencing both the high of thinking he’d won and the low of realising he’d fucked up, Firdhaus recovered to come in fourth after completing the actual, final lap.
We should also point out that horse racing, a sport based on beating animals for entertainment, is at best ethically questionable. 
But doesn’t that actually makes us heroes for laughing at a jockey’s misfortunate, when you really think about it? (note: please don’t think about it. Just laugh at the funny man and the funny commentators).
Check out the footage below, and oh yeah end horse racing kthxbye:

Photo: Twitter / TAB.