WATCH: Karl Stefanovic’s Brain Melts, Goes Full Drag For Titanic Tribute

Look, no one is under any illusions about this: Breakfast TV would be a blisteringly tough gig.

The repeated early mornings, the quick turnaround in content, the pressure of live TV. It is truly a special breed that can handle work of that nature.
So, sure. They’re well within their rights to go a little nutty from time to time. Ya gotta blow off steam somehow, after all.
But this… I dunno, man. There’s acting a little bit cray, and then there’s going full donk off the deep end.
It’s Karl Stefanovic. In drag. Lip syncing his way through Celine Dion‘s “My Heart Will Go On” with images from Titanic cut in.
Not even remotely kidding.

Karl’s heart will go on… Who knew this was his favourite power ballad!? #Today9

Posted by TODAY on Thursday, 26 November 2015

Cannot. Look. Away.
Karlos. U ok, m8?